Meet Bill H. Lyon – Early Childhood Leader

Bill H. Lyon, Early Childhood Leader.

Early Childhood Orange County is excited to launch an interview series called Early Childhood Leaders! This interview series spotlights outstanding individuals who are passionate about supporting Orange County’s Early Childhood sector in an upstream movement to ensure thriving communities. The first individual we are delighted to feature in our series is Bill H. Lyon! 

Bill H. Lyon’s commitment to investing in early childhood began sixteen years ago when his daughter was one year old. At that time, he was approached by Pretend City’s Board Chair and invited to preview Pretend City’s Children’s Museum mobile program. During the mobile program preview, each of the participants received the role of someone who works in the city; they had to role-play a major event that took place in the city. Participants saw firsthand how each job sector is interconnected and how essential it is to work together and communicate effectively. Mr. Lyon decided to join the Board of Directors after that experience. Sixteen years later, he continues to serve and place his philanthropic dollars at Pretend City Children’s Museum. 

Throughout his time on the Board of Pretend City, Mr. Lyon has grown to understand and believe that learning and developing through play, alongside your parents or caregivers, provides a wonderful alternative to the over programming that many of our young children experience today. Bill also shared that educating the public on the high rate of Return on Investment (ROI) when children participate in high-quality early learning experiences is the best way to generate an understanding of the importance of early childhood. In addition,  Mr. Lyon has personally witnessed how developmental screenings (Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ)) offered at Pretend City Children’s Museum, helps to identify delays as early as possible to change the trajectory of children.

Because he had young children at the time, Mr. Lyon developed a robust interest in early childhood. Through his education and experience at Pretend City, he realizes the importance of early childhood and how success in careers and in life starts in the early years. He firmly believes that we need to “raise the understanding, solve the problems in early childhood and make things happen.”  

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