Community Spotlight

We are proud to announce that the Costa Mesa City Council, the Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living, and the Newport Mesa Unified School District Board of Education have all signed a resolution authorizing the Costa Mesa Early Childhood Coalition (CMECC) to support the implementation of the Early Childhood Policy Framework to ensure quality early learning opportunities, promote comprehensive health and development of young children and to cultivate resilient families to ensure all Costa Mesa’s Children and Families Thrive. The CMECC began in 2019 and has set forth the following goals: (1) Increase community awareness and commitment in prioritizing early childhood; (2) Make public spaces safe and rich learning environments; (3) Increase access to community resources to support families; (4) promote policies to support optimal early childhood development; (5) Increase funding and collaborative partnerships to support the CMECC’s activities and strategic initiatives. For more information about the CMECC, please contact [email protected].