Community Action

Putting the Framework into Action

City and Community Toolkit

Why Early Childhood and Cities and Communities

Early Childhood Policy Framework

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Resources for Cities and Communities

Local, state and national resources to support the prioritization of early childhood within the city and community sector.

Outlines what it takes to become an early learning community through the work of seven cities across the country.

Offers suggestions to help potential partners explore ways to improve outcomes for children ages birth through eight and create a collaborative system of change.

Provides a focus on upstream evidence-based policy solutions that help people live longer, better lives in prosperous communities.

A set of population-based data which measures early child development and school readiness in five key domain areas: physical health, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive skills, and communications skills and general knowledge.

A report on four interdependent focus areas: Good Health, Economic Well-Being, Educational Achievement and Safe Homes and Communities.

Tracks our region’s health and prosperity with a core set of indicators that significantly impact the wellbeing of the county.

Case Study for Cities and Communities
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The Early Childhood Policy Framework in Action. Read about an organization who worked with Early Childhood OC to implement the Policy Framework in their sector(s).