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Education Toolkit

Why Early Childhood and Education

Early Childhood Policy Framework

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Resources for Education

Local, state and national resources to support the prioritization of early childhood within the education sector.

Provides resources to promote high-quality learning through practice, policy and research.

Articles and resources on the importance of early learning.

Understanding how early childhood is critical to school success.

Equity Starts Early policy statement outlines actions states can take to increase access to high-quality early learning programs for all children.

Provides resources and information on early learning for administration, educators and parents.

Provides resources on childcare and development programs in CA.

Website provides an integrated set of resources based on state-of-the-art information for early learning and development and best practices in early education.

A community partnership, led by OCDE, focused on raising the quality of early learning programs across the county.


Utilizing the Early Development Index Data to inform programs and services in school age children.

CPIN promotes promising practices in early learning, family engagement, and equity, and emphasizes a whole child approach.

To support school readiness and close the equity gap.

Case Study for Education
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The Early Childhood Policy Framework in Action. Read about an organization who worked with Early Childhood OC to implement the Policy Framework in their sector(s).